Tax Returns

Timely, accurate and tax efficient filing of tax returns for all type of businesses

In the UK, businesses need to file tax returns annually. It is a legal requirement to ensure that the company pays the right amount of tax and on time. There are penalties for late reporting or payment of taxes from HMRC. You’ll receive an automatic penalty notice if you are late in filing your tax returns, and will have to pay a fine depending on how late they are

How we can help

We will handle everything for your year tax returns and ensure they’re submitted on time. We will obtain required information through our easy to use online automated system.

If you use our bookkeeping service as well, then we’ll have all this information already. So you won’t have to do anything at all!

Your dedicated tax accountant takes all the stresses away and makes it an easy, fast and timely process. We also ensure that your tax returns are filed in a tax-efficient way. We help you save taxes by claiming all tax deductions, reliefs and allowances which apply to your business.

Our tax return filing services saves you tax and help you remain fully compliant

Auto reminders
Fast reliable services
Everything done online
Free Tax efficiency review and recommendations included

How it works

Our accounting experts do/review your bookkeeping and records
We prepare all the necessary figures
We create a draft tax return
Figures are reviewed and checked
Accounts and tax return is reviewed for tax efficiency to ensure all deductions are claimed
Your tax return is created
We send draft tax returns to you to sign off digitally
Once it’s signed off, we submit everything to HMRC and Companies House on time
Everything done ONLINE
Why choose us

You can count on Xpert Tax Accountants for all your accounting, tax and business needs

We support and advise large number of small, medium and large businesses on their paths to growth and profitability by helping them boost profits and save taxes

We are business advisors not number crunchers

We believe in adding value to your business by helping you improve profitability and achieve tax efficiency. Our tax, management and accounting experts take time to understand your needs and deliver right services and advice to you

Tax efficiency reviews

Our tax efficiency reviews help you recover overpaid taxes, carry out efficient tax planning and reduce your tax bills through effective expense management and optimisation of your tax exposure. Our tax experts ensure that all deductible expenses, reliefs and exemptions are claimed to keep your tax burden to the minimum

Online digital services

We combine the best of traditional accountancy with cloud-based accounting software – to manage your business accounts, taxes and finances. It allows you to have real-time access to your dedicated tax accountant for support and guidance. This includes quick replies to emails and dedicated consultations over the phone. As everything operates remotely, it gives you the freedom to manage your business’s finances on the go

Unlimited phone & email support and expert advice

Our expert team will provide you unlimited support via email and phone to ensure you receive prompt and timely guidance and advice to run your business

Profitability reviews

Our profitability reviews help you understand how your company brings in money, identify opportunities for growth, eliminate work that barely breakevens and focus on growing more profitable areas of your business.

Your own dedicated tax and management accountant

You will get an expert dedicated tax accountant who will get to know you and your business better. Your dedicated tax accountant will look at areas where you are losing money, opportunities where you can be saving it, and even areas where you could be growing revenue. Your dedicated tax accountant will be aiming to put money back in your pocket and act as a trusted business advisor

It is very easy and simple to join Xpert tax accountants

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Your dedicated tax accountant gets in touch

Your dedicated accountant will welcome you and set up everything with our smooth and easy online onboarding process.

Online digital accounting

Our team is expert in cloud accounting software and solutions and help you choose the right one for your needs